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Criminal Case is a free-to-play mobile game where the player has to solve crimes by collecting evidence and finding out who the culprit is. The game was developed by Pretty Simple, Inc. and released on August 8, 2012. The basic premise of a Criminal Case is that you are an investigator who works for the police force. You are given cases to solve by your boss (who can be either Hank or Rusty), each of which involves you finding clues, interviewing suspects, and analyzing evidence. Your goal is to figure out who killed the victim and why they did it.

Criminal Case Apk is a free game that has been downloaded by more than 50 million users on their devices. It is one of the most popular games in the category of puzzles and detective stories on Android and iOS platforms. The purpose of a Criminal Case is to solve various cases through solving various puzzles that come up during the gameplay. The game also provides different levels of difficulty so that it can be played by everyone regardless of their experience with such games. The story starts when your character wakes up from a coma after being found unconscious on a beach with no memory of what happened before he woke up from his coma (or as we say in Criminal Case: amnesia). Your detective skills are needed because it seems that someone wants you dead or maybe it’s just an accident and they want to let you know what happened before it was too late? Now it’s time for you to find out because this case is about YOU! As you progress through the story and solve cases, your main goal is to collect clues and analyze them in order to figure

About Criminal Case

This time, you’ll attempt to take on the role of investigator and work to resolve certain cases that are well-known and secretive. Join the police in the bleak city of The Grim borough. Find chronic executioners and then put them in jail. You must visit the location of the crime and carefully go through the area for crucial evidence. Examine the area and track down each of the secrets and then take the evidence and follow the route of the killer.

Investigate every piece of evidence Find witnesses who are present, and you may be fortunate enough to find the real executioner. The dark and shady city is in need of experts just like you. In the course of a hunt, it is common to use hints and they can assist you in finding the information you require. Make yourself the top detectives in the field and take on every single murder that happens around us.

Features of Criminal Case

Acting as an analyst

The main test for the exceptional analyst is the case of a girl who was murdered at the doorstep of her town. It is ideal to search for clues to aid in the investigation. Let’s begin with the discovery of weapons and carcasses. They must be taken to the research facility for inspection and testing. If the suspect isn’t a professional suspect, he might leave footprints on blood or other tissues like nails, skin, and hair. Then, you can identify his identity when you join by the police to find the data of residents in the area.

However, if the perpetrator is more intelligent it is necessary to undergo more rounds so that you can initiate the most recent move. The staff at the research facility will offer some details such as whether the manner in which the victim has killed the executioner was left-given or left-given. In addition to the details that the framework requires you to examine the scene, The sheriff can assist with research and draft lawbreakers.

If everything goes well, you’ll return to the scene to find things that were missed. These could be grisly cloth and post boxes for examining the contents that have been delivered to the person who is in the question or any other item that could provide information.

It is impossible to anticipate anything.

Pretty Simple constructed their game using a substantial amount of reasoning. In the end, you’ll realize that, even though the location of the crime isn’t difficult to find evidence and the seasoned police support team, you can discover the person who was the perpetrator at present an inexplicably problematic mark. Use the clues in case you’re stuck. When interviewing suspects, make clever questions to discover the person.

Witnesses also play a major component. They can tell you when their friends had to return home or exhibit peculiar behavior before they were killed. It is possible to talk to them to collect more details. It is a requirement that the Criminal Case expects players to possess the logic, the ability to see and combine things into a single whole. It’s not just for every situation. Who would have thought that all of the defendants was a victim of a man who remained at the back?

The murders are all over

The bleak borough was portrayed as a degenerate, hopeless town. If you visit this place, it depicts the concept of a town with no foundations. It is time to change that by locating the final chief. It is believed that he is nearly as sharp and smart as James Moriarty, who had caused Sherlock Holmes trouble and nearly ended his own life. The journey begins by locating the crime scene. It can occur anywhere.

At the edge of the woods or in the bathroom at the home of a victim, or even inside a vehicle. In some cases, the situation can become complicated when it’s in the confines of a small area and contains many objects that are hiding evidence or weapons. There and everywhere is too big and far from your view. Take a closer look, and you’ll probably see the picture of a deadly relationship!

About the criminal case APK

Are you curious? You should have been. We’ve got a special package just for you. If, however, you’re seeking this game, your phone isn’t connected with it. Then we promise you that this game will bring you in a flash.

Criminal Case APK Download guide

  • Then first, click on the download button.
  • After downloading, install it.
  • Enjoy the amazing highlights that are part of the Criminal cases.

About Criminal Case Mod APK

Then! Here are some tweaks to this APK file. You will surely be awed by having unlimited energy and unlimited funds. I’m sure that you’ll take advantage of these fantastic features. Follow these steps and you will carry it around in your purse.

Criminal Case MOD APK Download guide

  • Select download option
  • After that, open the downloaded file.
  • Then, install it.
  • Now you can take part in this fantastic featured game.

FAQs About Criminal Case Mod APK

Q: What does it mean for you?

A: Criminal Case Criminal Case will reveal to you how a particular investigation is conducted in a way that is reflected by the cycle. It also reveals the severity of the criminals who are primitively dangerous.

Q: Where does the excursion begin?

The journey begins with the location of the crime. It could happen anywhere.

Q: What is what are the requirements of criminal proceedings for players?

A: Criminal cases require participants to possess the logic and the ability to see and combine things into a single entirety.


This Criminal Case Mod APK will demonstrate to you exactly how an investigation is conducted in the form of cycles. It also shows the seriousness of the perpetrators who pose the most basic risks. Equity’s equilibrium is within your reach and you can make them pay for the damage they have resulted. If there’s a case that is a matter of concern, I am confident that I can provide a more detailed case report, which will include the motivations of the executioner. This could provide several advantages for people working involved in criminal brain science investigations.

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