Dawn of Zombies Mod Apk Version 2.163 (Free Craft/Build)

Dawn of Zombies Mod Apk – Download Latest Version

Dawn of Zombies Apk is a game that can be played on Android and iOS devices. In this game, there is a zombie apocalypse and you have to survive as long as possible. In this game, you can choose from multiple characters and then go on an adventure in a world full of zombies. You must try to survive in a world full of zombies or else they will eat you alive. This game has many features such as weapons, equipment, and items that can help you survive longer in this world where there are so many zombies It also has a lot of maps where you can play with your friends. You will find all kinds of weapons here such as rifles, pistols, shotguns, and even grenades that can help you kill all the zombies that appear in front of you. In addition to this feature, this game also has a lot of characters who have different abilities such as strength and speed These characters will help players get through all their challenges without any difficulty.


 In Dawn of Zombies, you’re a survivor in a world overrun by zombies. You must fight for your life and search for other survivors. As you progress through the game, you can find new weapons, beat bosses and unlock new characters.

The gameplay of Dawn of Zombies Apk is simple: You need to kill zombies and collect items from them. When you kill enough zombies, you will level up and get rewards such as money or diamonds. These rewards can be used to buy new weapons and upgrade your existing ones. In Dawn of Zombies Apk, there are many types of weapons that you can use to fight against zombies such as swords, knives, guns, and crossbows. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages so choose wisely before using them on the battlefield! You need to spend diamonds wisely because it’s very difficult to get them in this game unless you spend real money on them (but we don’t recommend doing so). With these diamonds, you can buy upgrades that will make your character stronger so it’s definitely worth investing in them if possible!

Game Features

  1. Graphics: The graphics are something that makes this game unique from others. The graphics in this game look like real life and they have been made with a lot of detail. This makes them look like they are coming out from your TV screen. You can see everything very clearly and you will not have any problem understanding what is happening on your screen at all times. The graphics are also very bright which makes them look more realistic than ever before!
  2. Sound Effect: The sound effects in this game are also amazing; there are so many different types of sound effects that you can hear in each level or chapter of the game, but they all come together to make a perfect combination that really makes this game stand out from others!
  3.  Open world gameplay: In this open-world gameplay, there are many different things available for you that will keep you engaged
  • Craft and build on the ground as well as underground The energy is restored free of charge through food and the Shelter;
  • Survive: feed your appetite and drink, recuperate from illness and radiation Be safe from heat and frost
  • – Keep track of the story: dozens of characters as well as hundreds of quests and notes;
  • Pick any vehicle you want to travel in from bicycles to UAZ;
  • Realistic graphics and lighting the day and night cycle fog volumetric;
  • – Discover mysterious artifacts that were created in aberration zones
  • Dark, gloomy forests, bizarre ruins packed with bandits, zombies, and wild animals hunting seeking prey
  • Weapons with elementally-infused elements to make your adversaries be scalding and bleeding;
  • Trade and co-operation with various groups, from military personnel to scientists;
  • Earn respect with characters and factions, and receive exclusive rewards
  • Advanced craft: more than 150 blueprints for vehicles, armor, and weapons;
  • 60+ varieties of guns: AK, M-16, Makarov pistol, and Mosin-Nagant;
  • • Stealth mode: hide behind the bush or sneak up on and take out a killing spree without being noticed.
  • You can customize your armor and weapons on an exclusive workbench
  • Complete events: Protect allies from zombies or assault the camps of fanatics
  • The locations are always changing Find airdrops, and hidden treasures, look for the zones of aberration;
  • You can join raids against bosses within radioactive dungeons.
  • Players are now able to activate their Golden Status. It gives players free gear, additional inventory features, and bonus points for skill and gold.

Mod Features Of Dawn of Zombies Apk

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Ads Removed

How To Install Dawn of Zombies Apk?

  1. Download the Dawn of Zombies APK file from our website
  2. Open Settings>Security>Unknown Sources, and enable it.
  3. Open your device’s File Manager app, select “Downloads”, then tap on the APK file that you downloaded earlier to install it on your device.


It’s easy to get lost in the game but it is also easy to pick up. The graphics are decent but not as good as you would expect from a game like this. The music is kind of annoying, but it does fit with the style of the game. Overall, this is a fun game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It may not be the best zombie shooter out there, but it’s still worth checking out if you like games like this one.


  1. Is there any daily login reward available in this game?

A: Yes, there are daily login rewards available in this game which will help you earn more coins and diamonds without spending any money from your pocket. You need to login every day for a chance to win free diamonds and coins, but if you are busy with your work or have no time.

Q: Does Dawn of Zombies Apk work on rooted devices?

A: Yes. You can use the app on any Android device, including those that are rooted.

Q: Is Dawn of Zombies free?

A: Yes, Dawn of Zombies is free to download and play. But there are some in-app purchases that you can buy if you want to.

Q: What are the controls of Dawn of Zombies Apk?

A: The controls of Dawn of Zombies Apk are simple and easy to understand. You can use them easily without any difficulty or problem. They are as follows:-

Movement – touchpad/analog stick (left/right) or move finger (swipe)

Shoot – shoot button or press fire key (keyboard) or press shoot button (gamepad)

Menu – select key, enter key or menu button (keyboard) or menu button (gamepad)

  1. Is there any Ads in Dawn of Zombies?

A: No, there are no ads in Dawn of Zombies Apk.

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