Dead Target Mod Apk: Zombie [June-2022] [Unlimited Money/ Gold]

Download DEAD TARGET: Zombie (MOD, Unlimited Money) 

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games is a first-person shooting game in which you will be the target of zombies. You are a survivor, and what you need to do is to kill all the zombies with your guns. There are so many different weapons for you to choose from, including swords and other melee weapons. You can also use grenades and mines to destroy zombies. The graphics are great, especially the lighting and shadows. You will feel like you are right in front of them once you play this game. The controls are easy to master; however, they take time to get used to them if you have never played any first-person shooter games before. In terms of sound effects, DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D has a lot of them (gunshots, screams, etc.). They make your experience more immersive and enjoyable while playing this game on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.


In this game, you will be playing as a sniper and your job is to eliminate all the zombies. You will have to kill them in order to save yourself from the attack of these zombies. If they attack you then they can kill you. So, in order to save your life, you have to kill all the zombies. You have to hunt down all the zombies and kill them in order to win this game. The more zombies you kill, the higher score you will get. The first thing that you need to do is to find out where all these zombies are hiding and then shoot at them from a long distance so that they don’t get any chance of attacking you. Once you have killed them all then you can move on with your mission in this game and finish it successfully.

The game has three modes:

Classic Mode: The classic mode is the basic mode of the game. You have to kill all the zombies before they reach you. There are different types of weapons available in this mode and you can unlock them by killing zombies. You can also collect cash by killing zombies and use it to buy new weapons and upgrade or repair your existing one.

Survival Mode: This is a bit similar to the classic mode except there are no targets to kill or complete. It’s just a survival game where you have to survive as long as possible against waves of zombies.

Zombie Rush Mode: In this mode, you only need to kill as many zombies as possible within a limited time period. You get points for each kill and when the timer runs out, your score will be calculated based on how many kills you made within that time period.


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Ammo


  1. Download the game from the link below
  2. After downloading, move it to your Android Device’s SD card or internal memory
  3. Launch your Android emulator and install the APK file (Just click on the APK file)
  4. Once installed, launch the app, sign up and play!


DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D is a first-person zombie shooting game that allows you to fight the zombies in various locations across the world. The game has a lot of weapons, skills, and elements that can be used to destroy the zombies. You also have to collect various items from the environment and use them to create your own weapons. The game has a great graphics quality with realistic sound effects. It’s free for download on Apkmodish but there are some in-app purchases available in it as well. So if you want to play DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D on your PC then follow this article where we will show you how to download and install this game on your computer without any hassle.


Q: What is the difference between DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D and DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D MOD?

A: The difference is that the original version of this game has ads in it, while the modded version doesn’t have ads in it.

Q: Can I play DEAD TARGET: Zombie Games 3D without wifi?

A: Yes, you can play the game without an internet connection.

Q: What is the premium version of Dead Target?

A: The premium version has no ads and unlimited ammo.

Q: Do I need to pay for it?

 A: No, you can play for free without any purchases!

Q: How do I get free coins? How do I earn coins? 

A: You can get free coins by watching video ads or completing offers and surveys online, but you will get more coins if you buy them in-app!

Q: Is there a way to get more gold bullets?

A: Yes, you can get more gold bullets by buying them in-app or watching video ads! You can also upgrade your weapons with gold bullets to make them stronger!

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