Hidden Hotel Mod APK (Unlimited Stars / Energy / Coins)

Hidden Hotel Mod APK – Download Latest Version

Do you enjoy looking for and finding games where you have to solve mysteries or uncover hidden bits of information, search and find hidden objects and distinguish between them? Do you enjoy hotel games that require you must construct plans, design, and renovate? Download the hidden hotel mod apk to play this amazing game.

Secret Hotel Miami Mystery consolidates search hotel, criminal investigation, and game of configuration in one! Explore the world of confusing experiences right now! moment!

The primary Highlights in “Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery – Hidden Object Game”:

  • Discover hidden items and run various plans for errands
  • Get amazing hand-drawn designs
  • Take a dive into the captivating storyline
  • Have fun playing amazing games and events: notice the difference, fine lines, the roll of dice more.
  • Chat with other players, and send blessings
  • First on the leaderboard on Standfirst
  • Search and locate via the internet or without an Internet connection
  • Explore the many levels
  • Use hints

Pro Tips to tackle the mystery

Explore and search similar to Sherlock

This Hidden Hotel game is not similar to other riddle games, like for instance, Match 3! In this game, you’ll find hidden items hidden within an image. You’ll feel like a detective by reading the habit-forming books. Keep your mind alert and search for secrets during this Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery game. Find the mystery, look for the darkest corners, discover secret rooms, and embark on energizing explorations. Begin by identifying small bits of information, then take on the mystery that is beyond your imagination!

Everything Matters

The difficulty level rises as you hunt for hidden items in-game scenes that are secret You can tap and open items to uncover hidden items hidden that lie behind them. Move to the left of the curtains and then lift the containers to reveal the hidden items that are in the containers. It’s not an easy task. But you can manage this! You can get the highest scores for every hidden photo scene, no matter the risk involved! Hidden Hotel is about secret adventures and amusement!

Use clues to find sponsors and exploit them

Utilize search tools if you’re struggling. Supporters will help you search for and locate hidden objects! The light shows hidden items. The clock also gives additional time. Three keys are opened within the scene. Radar describes each item in the scene in a short manner.

Enjoy distinctive hunt modes

“Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery – Hidden Object Game” offers a range of bizarre hidden article seek and find ways: word search outline, spider web and switch words, figuring out the difference, and coins. To ensure that the game is always fresh We constantly bring up new content that includes Spic and span-related secrets! Be aware of all the clues that are hidden or Hidden Hotel will uncover its secret insights for you!

Discover your own inner fashion capability

The imaginatively decorated inside of the house’s old entrance immediately! Search for and locate hidden objects, purchase stars, make the plan and redesign your Hidden Hotel as you would like.

Be ready for your exciting adventure in this hidden object game that is about to begin! Find your way around and uncover abilities, and immerse yourself in the world of ” Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery – Hidden Object Game” now!

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