Hungry Dragon Mod Apk [Full Unlocked]

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk Download Latest Version

In this video game Hungry Dragon MOD Apk You must manage the huge winged serpent that eats all that comes at you. Examine the terrain and destroy the timberlands and towns. The game has ten winged snakes within the game, each with diverse attributes and capabilities You can further enhance their abilities and create groupings.

Let your fury be felt from the sky and unleash a wrathful rage from above hungry Dragon A fun and hilarious flight game in which everyone and everything is in the kitchen!

Features of Hungry Dragon Mod Apk


  • Find a variety of deadly flying fire-breathing Dragons each one remarkable in its particular way
  • Find insane costumes to fly faster, consume more, and consume more food
  • Bring in intriguing pets and odd animals to help your forces.
  • Train and level up by eating townsfolk and beasts and other prey species.

Securing FRENZY

  • Explore, fly through and destroy an entire universe of timberlands, towns, and slopes along with Goblin City!
  • Deterrents are smashed through to get the areas that are covered all over the globe
  • Feed additional to get a greater score Hungry Dragons are rarely fulfilled!


  • Enjoy a barbecue feast in an enormous free-meandering universe in an epic 3D
  • You can activate Fire Rush and deliver a hellfire that’s burning all the way!
  • Grill mid-life gala creatures such as warriors, savages and warriors witches, and much more.


  • Develop and train Legendary Dragons – an abnormal combination of dinosaurs and beasts
  • Get special epic powers The greater your training, the stronger the force!
  • Make yourself a legend by participating with other legends Legendary Leagues to crush companions and foes!

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