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Into the Dead Mod Apk – Download Latest Version

Into the Dead is a high-quality zombie shooter game that has been developed by PikPok Games. The game is an intense survival experience where you have to survive against the zombies. In this game, you will find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world which has been infected with a virus that turns people into zombies. Your mission is to get out of the city and make it to the safe zone where there are no zombies. The graphics of this game are quite decent and it offers 4K resolution for those with phones that support it. Along with this, there are also many different modes available for you to choose from such as Normal Mode, Endless Rush Mode, and Survival Mode. Each of these modes has its own unique objectives and challenges that you have to complete in order to successfully complete them.


Into the Dead is a survival game with a lot of action, in which players need to survive against zombies. In this game, you play as a man who is running away from zombies. You will have to fight them with guns and various other weapons that you can find in the game. The gameplay of this survival game is quite different from other games in the genre. It does not give you any time to think about what to do next, because if you stop for even one second, then the zombies will catch up with you and kill you. There are no checkpoints here, so if you die then it will be game over for you. Into the Dead offers an amazing experience that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The graphics are also very good, so there is no doubt that this is one of the best zombie games ever made for mobile devices.

Features Of Into the Dead Apk

Into the Dead is a zombie game where you need to run for your life. The game is based on the story of this world’s end due to a virus outbreak. It has a unique gameplay that will entertain you for hours.

The game also has more than 260 different scenarios which are randomly generated. In every scenario, you will be faced with many challenges such as:

Zombies: The zombies are very dangerous and they can bite you if you do not shoot them fast enough or if you run out of ammo. You need to shoot them before they come close to you or else they will kill you in an instant.

Ammo: Ammo is very limited in this game and there are only two types of ammo that are limited in number, so use them wisely because once they are out of stock, then it will be difficult for you to survive without them.

Multiple Characters: Into the Dead Apk gives you an opportunity to choose any character from the different characters available in it. Each character has its own unique strength and weakness. The best thing about this feature is that you do not have to play with only one character throughout your journey in this game; instead, you can choose any one from them according to your needs at that time!

Different Types Of Weapons: There are different types of weapons available in this game that will help you kill all zombies.

Lots of levels – There are many levels in Into the Dead, and each level has its own characteristics. You will have to use different strategies to deal with different zombies in each level.

Powerful upgrades – As you progress through the levels in Into the Dead, you will be able to upgrade your abilities such as speed, health, etc., so that you can survive longer in each level.

High definition graphics – Into the Dead has amazing graphics that make it look real and believable even though it is a zombie survival game!

Mod Features

-Unlimited Money

-No Ads

-Boosted Stamina And Speed

How To Install Into the Dead Apk

Step 1: Download Into the Dead Apk (From Here).

Step 2: Now, install it on your device.

Step 3: Open the game and enjoy playing it.

Conclusion Of Into the Dead Apk

You will have to fight with zombies in this game, so you need some skills to survive from these monsters. You can use different weapons and other things to kill them and keep yourself safe from them. In this game, you have an opportunity to travel through different environments, kill zombies and become stronger. There are many types of weapons available in this game, such as shotguns, pistols, automatic rifles and many more that you can use against zombies. Each weapon has its own function and ability to kill zombies easily without any problems or difficulties because they are very useful for fighting against various monsters of darkness that try to attack you during your journey through the zombie apocalypse world full of terror and evilness!


Q: Is the game free to play?

A: Yes. You can download Into the Dead apk and enjoy it for free.

Q: Is there in-app purchases in Into the Dead?

A: No, there is no in app purchase in this game. The game is completely free to play and download.

Q: How many levels are there in Into the Dead?

A: There are 20 levels and 10 bonus levels in Into the Dead apk. You will have to finish all 20 levels to unlock these bonus levels.

Q: Is Into the Dead 2 free to download?

A: Yes, there is no cost to download and play Into the Dead.

Q: Why is there a limit on gold coins? Can I change it?

A: The gold coin limit is set by the game developers and cannot be changed.

You can get unlimited gold coins by downloading our mod!

Q: How do I get more ammo?

A: There are three ways to collect ammo. The first is to kill zombies, but this has a cooldown timer of 5 seconds. The second is to buy it from the store.

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