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Live or Die Mod Apk Download Latest Version

Live or Die APK is a new game for Android. Live or Die is very interesting and fun game. It’s a horror game in which you have to escape from the zombies city. You are playing as Jack who wants to escape from this zombie city. In the game, you will find many puzzles, challenges, and obstacles that make you feel scared while playing it. This is why we recommend you to play this game with your friends so that they can help you when you are stuck with some obstacle. Live or Die APK has great graphics and sound effects that make it more attractive than other games available on Google Play Store. The good thing about this game is that it does not require any internet connection to run smoothly on your Android device. The user interface of this game is also very simple and easy to understand for everyone who wants to play it without any difficulty.


Live or Die is a story-driven zombie survival game with RPG and rogue-like elements. You are a survivor of the zombie outbreak, trapped in a city where all your friends are zombies and you must fight to stay alive. You have one goal: escape the city. As you make your way through the city and learn new skills, you will be able to form groups with other survivors. The more people you have in your group, the more likely it is that someone will survive long enough to escape. You’ll need to scavenge for supplies, fight off zombies, and manage your hunger and thirst if you want to survive in this hostile world full of undead monsters.


Live or Die is a survival game that puts you in the shoes of a survivor. You have to survive and get resources to build your camp, but there is also a story that you explore as you progress through the game. Live or Die is an online multiplayer game. It is a survival game where you can choose your character and then start fighting against other players in order to survive. There are several different characters to choose from and each of them has its own unique abilities. You can also customize your character with different weapons and items. This game features both single-player and multiplayer modes, which means you can play it on your own or with other people. The game features a unique blend of RPG and FPS elements, with a focus on base building and customization. Players must use their wits and skills to stay alive as they fight hordes of zombies and other hostile creatures that roam the city streets. Live or Die: Zombie Survival also features an extensive crafting system that allows players to build their own base of operations from scratch. You can craft weapons, vehicles, defenses, armor and more. The game also features a large number of guns, melee weapons and explosives which can be used against your enemies during combat scenarios.

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems
  • No Ads
  • Root Access

How To Install Live or Die APK

Step 1. Download Live or Die APK on your Android device.

Step 2. Once downloaded, open the File Manager app on your Android device and then browse through the internal storage of your device and locate the APK file.

Step 3. Click on it and then click “Install” button to install it on your Android device.


Live or Die is a zombie survival game where you must survive in an apocalyptic world. The objective of this game is to reach the highest level and unlock all the achievements. This game has no ads, but the developers ask for donations. The graphics are very good, with great animations, sound effects and music that fits perfectly with the theme of Live or Die. Each time you start a new game, you will have to choose between two characters: A girl named Lucy and a boy named Chuck. They have different skills, but they both have some common features like health points (HP), stamina points (SP) and hunger levels (H). You can improve these stats by leveling up your character and unlocking new perks, which include faster regeneration of HP/SP/H or even more damage against the zombies!


  1. What is Live or Die: Zombie Survival?
  2. It is a zombie survival game for Android.
  3. Is it free?
  4. Yes, it is free to play. However, some in-app purchases are available for more features and cosmetics.
  5. How many players can play together?
  6. You can play with your friends, or strangers from all over the world in multiplayer mode!

Q: How do I use my energy?

A: You can use it to craft items and equip weapons.

Q: What is the best way to survive in Live or Die?

A: You should spend as much time as possible crafting items and finding useful resources. You should also get yourself a good weapon!

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