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Rocket Sky Mod APK Download Latest Version

Download the most recent version of the skyrocket mod apk now and play this easy but thrilling game. With our mod version, you can earn money in unlimited amounts. If you are exhausted and burned out from the frenzied games. It also causes you to be able to play for many hours, sometimes every day, with the possibility of completing each and every task with a time limit? Can you claim that you’re tired of looking your eyes at the complexity of designs and styles that have repetitive effects?

All you require is a basic game, with a few things to do, and will aid you in wasting your spare time during the short break in your study room or in your work environment.

Assuming that’s what you really require, then perhaps Rocket Sky! It’s a game by Kwalee to try when you’re in the middle of a short timeframe and don’t have a single idea of what you should do with the daytime. The game is available to both frameworks that work: Android and iOS, so you can play Rocket Sky! is easy regardless of the phone brand you have.

About Rocket Sky

They came up with Rocket Sky from Kwalee, who is a game engineer renowned for his innovative and exciting highly engaging, online-based games. The game involves the challenge of sending rockets to space. principally aims to set the timer so that your rocket can be able to fly away.

Rocket Sky mod apk has an extremely simple one-touch interactivity that separates the rocket into layers of fuel consumption in order in order to raise the rocket. Rocket Sky isn’t contacting and sending rockets, but players have to be mindful of the time when the fuel in the layers of the rocket is depleted, to separate the floor, which reduces the need for the rocket to be able to send further.

Each time a successful mission is completed the player will receive an amount of gold. Gold can be used to buy more floors or replace new rockets. When a floor on a rocket wears out, you can adjust it until it reaches the appropriate moment to release it, decreasing weight and making it possible for the rocket to rise higher.

The closer you are to higher levels, the faster the rate of fuel consumption is expected, which requires players to be extremely engaged and ensure that the clock is accurate. If you click too early the lower deck of the rocket will be removed in the event that it isn’t fully melted, causing wasted energy and reducing the ability to fly.

Additionally, if the screen is clicked to that point the rocket explodes and the launch will cease. It is also included in the space field. Even one mistake can cost the player a lot. Whatever the case in this instance the rocket’s energy-consuming process is independently recreated using the help of a circle that is placed near the player’s position to make it easier to see.

Game Play Rocket of Sky Rocket?

Space rocket dispatch is a fundamental game that requires swift hands and the sharp eyes of the participant. When playing the game you’ll be the one who initiates the risky squares of the structure of the spacecraft to propel it as much as you can to achieve. If you play at a higher level, more chances will arise for you to look around.

Rocket Sky accompanies basic interactivity that requires you to touch your hands to activate the rocket’s explosives. It would be helpful to have a good grasp of the perfect moment and, in any event, the rocket’s velocity won’t be sufficient to allow it to launch. Additionally, the rocket’s position could accidentally explode on the possibility of pressing too slow, leading to the appearance of a bombed message. The bomb will explode prior to reaching the goal.

The constant game that occurs in Rocket Sky resembles the games which require precision when you squeeze the keys as in other dance games. However, it is more simple. As you progress to your goal, the more rapid the speed of development of the bar will increase. That’s why it has contributed to the fun and excitement of the game.

It is constantly updating Rocket Sky with new planets and spaceships. With over 50 new advancements it is possible to update and alter the rocket however you’d want. As you go on, more concentrated players will score, set new standards, and explore numerous planets in the close-to-the-planet system of Rocket Sky.

After completing some instructions after which you’ll be able to use the money to search for more layers of fixers to make your rocket fly higher. If you are bored by the images of the name then change your approach. You can burn through 500 gold to select the number you want and you’ll get an extremely unique subject such as panda, orange as well as the honeybee.

Furthermore, if you’re proficient in the art that is Rocket Sky, it will allow you to take passengers to the heavens. Every time you have a passenger and pay for it, you’ll be charged an amount of money to cover the floors that the rocket. If rockets can effectively propel their passengers to the skies and you’ll be able to get an incredibly excellent outcome. However, if the reach is weak or the rocket explodes in the process there is no loss.


Rocket Sky is another insane game developed by Kwalee who is the creator of games on Twirly gigs. To help you understand the game, this time its setting was relocated to space, and we were able to recreate the space station which needs to launch its rocket far beyond what people would think is feasible in the previous space. In order to accomplish this, we need to connect with the rocket at a certain moment to trigger an acceleration that is more stable, depending on the distance we travel to the designated point.

The game also includes an enhancement to the rocket and an upgrade framework for rockets.

These are both made possible by coins earned through playing. They can be accumulated quickly when you play just a few games (which take about 15 seconds to complete) you can earn enough cash to purchase what you require. It is available for two platforms: iOS versions, as well as Android. In addition, like every round of this kind currently, it has lots of downloads.

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