Ski Safari 2 Mod Apk [Unlimited Money]

Ski Safari 2 Mod Apk – Download Latest Version

If you’ve enjoyed and had fun with “Ski Safari”, the game that was firmly placed for a long time during 2012, the game’s continuing isn’t going to make you unhappy. “Ski Safari 2 mod apk” was created by Sleepy Z Studios and is a blend of insane ski games as well as perpetual running. This game is the latest version of its originality, featuring stunning graphics and additional highlights to experience.

Ski Safari 2 is an extraordinary game on the topic that is distinguished by positive reviews and high praises. It’s a game that’s unique, with a variety of novel substances that are waiting for you to explore without any help from anyone else, or your buddies.

Ski Safari 2 Mod Apk Features

Unique Storyline with easy-to-learn controls

You’re sliding down freezing slants, whether you’re on skis or snowboards or a snowboard, however, you prefer but a rogue plunge is following your speedily.

A single tapping on-screen will assist you to jump; an extended tap will cause you to turn and reverse your somersault visible everywhere. If you fall you can tap the screen to prompt your subject to climb back onto their snowboards or skis. When you do this, your skills will help you focus and avoid crashing since the slide that is a torrential one will be closed.

If you’re in the market for more points then you can swipe left, right, or left or right on the screen to gain as many as 400 fundamentals. When you swipe and hold it, you can also switch at the same time. These techniques should be practiced regularly as they are the most crucial choices to score high.

If you think that the control is difficult to master An instructional exercise could aid you.

Game mode that allows you for playing with your friends

Ski Safari 2 has acquainted with the multiplayer mode in which you are able to compete against your fellow players on a wi-fi network in your neighborhood or via Bluetooth with 2 game types. When playing multiplayer, it’s an additional measurement, and

In the initial round game, the players must solve a variety of challenges, and those who have completed five of the challenges win. The next, challenges require players to collect 200 rings in order to be the first. Each player will be equipped with weapons, catalysts, and weapons in order to defeat the adversaries by smashing boxes to gather snowballs.

Four extraordinary conditions to meet

In addition to Penguin Peaks, the map that comes with it. Penguin Peaks, you have the option of attempting Jurassic Lark, and Twisted Canyon along with Monster Mountain. Guides are available for purchase by using mint pieces that you’ve gathered through the game.

Penguin Peaks is the place where you’ll begin and then be caught in a massive slide. In an ancient stage, known as Jurassic Park, you will encounter a torrent of magma accompanied by dinosaurs as well as stone buildings.

In the game of Twister Canyon, you can be racing a cyclone, riding on minecarts, and on Monster Mountain, lookout for the giant pumpkin. Additionally, you can ride on various creatures. Falcons can fly you to impressive heights Mammoths are frozen in ice crushing everything that is coming at them, and so on.

There are 130 tasks to complete because every one of the scenarios has different assignments. In each game, you’ll have three tasks to finish to make the combination and get additional scores. The tasks could include being a penguin for an amount of time or flying with falcons, pushing some rocks, and so on.

There are a variety of snares and animals to ride like penguins, sasquatches minecarts, penguins, and more on every guide.

Free Shopping

In the game Ski Safari 2, it can be a challenge to collect as many coins as you can. Before you even get the amount you need for the snowboard, you’ll be in the middle of the chaos. There is no need to worry as you will now be able to purchase in as many places as you like at no cost.

If you think you’re in need of a revamp several snowboards, vehicles, as well as outfits, and more, are waiting in your closet waiting to be used. There are plenty of rewards and catalysts that can assist you in your journey. However you cannot modify catalysts that are one-time that work only for a brief period towards the beginning of the course, and you must purchase them again.


The images are cleaner attractive, and catchier as well as are more 3D than the previous ones. The illustrations are colorful and brimming with subtleties. As you are pursued by a catastrophe it is possible to zoom in to view the explicit subtleties in each guide. The control system is well organized and simple to use The game’s framerate is very smooth.


Overall Ski Safari 2 MOD APK is a great game that could keep you playing for hours. There are some niggles however, they’re not that significant. If you allow the game to play on its own for a time but you’ll still be able to get some decent scores and might encounter some bugs and lags in certain maps. If the first game doesn’t suffice for you and you’re a lover of endless-running games, ” Ski Safari 2” is a great alternative that will not be a waste of time.

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