Zombie Catchers Mod APK [June-2022] (Unlimited Money + Plutonium)

 Zombie Catchers Mod APK Download Latest Version

Zombie Catchers is a survival game where you have to fight off zombies by throwing bowling balls and other weapons. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where you have to defend yourself against zombies. This game is similar to the Plants vs Zombies game, but instead of plants, here you will be using different types of weapons to fight off zombies. Zombie Catchers is one of the best free games available for Android and iOS devices. It has been downloaded by millions of users since its launch in 2015. It has over 5 million downloads. The game has also received positive reviews from critics across the globe. The graphics are very impressive and the gameplay is addictive enough to keep you playing it for hours at a stretch without getting bored or tired of it easily. This is an action-packed survival strategy game where you have to fight off hordes of zombies using various weapons like bowling balls, baseball bats, bombs etc., while defending your base from them at all costs. You can also unlock new characters with their unique abilities by playing through missions and unlocking achievements in the game.


Zombie Catchers is a great game that you can play online or offline. You can also download this game and enjoy it on your phone. The game has a lot of features and if you want to learn more about them then read this article. The graphics of the game are really good and the animations are amazing too. The controls are easy to use and there are no problems in playing it. There are many levels in this game and each level has different missions for you to complete. If you complete all the missions then you will get rewards and also unlock new weapons or characters in the game. There are many different types of zombies that you need to kill in this game like zombie dogs, zombies cats, zombies rats etc. You can shoot them with your guns or shoot them with bullets from a distance using sniper rifles so that they don’t come near you at all times when playing this game online or offline on your phone or tablet device without any issues at all!


Zombie Catchers Apk is a casual game in which we will be going to kill zombies and collect gold coins. In this game, you need to do everything in your power to protect yourself from the attack of zombies who are trying to get into our house. The first thing you should do is to kill all the zombies by shooting them. You can use different weapons such as guns, swords and axes. There are many types of weapons available in this game. You also have the ability to buy new weapons using gold coins earned during gameplay. Zombie Catchers Apk will give you a lot of fun if you like games that require strategy and logic thinking skills.

-Easy to play but hard to master.

-Beautiful graphic, great sound effect and addictive music.

-Use your finger to shoot and kill all zombies, but don’t hit the cats!

-Lots of different zombies and bosses.

-Challenge your friends via Facebook or play with random players around the world.

Zombie Catchers Mod Apk Features

  1. Unlimited Money
  2. Unlimited Ammo
  3. Max Level and Unlock All Characters

How To Install Zombie Catchers Apk?

Download Zombie Catchers apk file from the button below.

Tap to begin the installation process.

Click “Install” to complete the installation process.


Zombie Catchers is a zombie shooter game. Zombie Catchers is an action game in which you have to kill all the zombies that are coming your way. You have to shoot them down before they get close to you. You have to be very careful because there are many types of zombies and each one of them has different abilities. You should not waste your bullets on the easy ones, but save them for the hard ones. The game also contains some special weapons which can help you fight against the zombies more easily.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: It is absolutely free! No hidden charges or payments needed.

Q: Can I play offline?

A: Yes, you can play Zombie Catcher without internet connection. It’s a single player game with no online multiplayer component.

Q: How to get unlimited coins?

A: It is a simple matter of entering the cheat code. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Download Zombie Catchers Apk
  2. Open your game and go to settings icon on the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Enter Mod code – “ZC”
  4. Enjoy playing with unlimited coins!

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